Vehicle Barrier Systems

Preventing unauthorised access to your site is an important part of reducing the risk of criminal activity. One of the biggest threats to properties is vehicular based attacks such as ram raids or vehicle carried explosive devices. It can be difficult to prevent these types of forced, penetrative attacks.

ConcreteBarriersHQ is one of the UK's leading authorities in hostile vehicle mitigation and the reduction of site vulnerabilities. Our aim is to help all clients, whether they are in the public or private sector, to improve their site security and reduce the risk of hostile vehicle incidents. We are experts in this field and understand exactly what is required to make your property secure.

The first stage of preventing vehicular incidents is to manage access, limiting it to only authorised vehicles and creating a safe exclusion zone around the site. All access routes should be examined to ensure they are protected against hostile vehicles. A security infrastructure should also be installed, including both static and active measures. Traffic calming measures should be taken into account including speed limits, road layouts and speed reduction techniques.

ConcreteBarriersHQ offers a full range of security infrastructure products to keep your site secure. We provide reliable vehicle barrier systems that can prevent all forms of unauthorised access, even attempts to forcefully infiltrate the site. We specialise in both static and active barriers, from hydraulic road blockers to bollards and rails. Our CT Block system is tested to PAS 68 impact resistance standards and certified as fit for purposed in the prevention of vehicle incursions.

With our vehicle barrier systems you are guaranteed a security product that will function effectively and have a long life cycle. Installation is also very simple and shallow foundations mean there is no need to disrupt underground serviuces. This minimal groundword reduces installatiuons costs dramatically.

ConcreteBarriersHQ, the security division of Townscape Properties, is the perfect partner to help you boost the security of your site and ensure provisions are made to resolve any vulnerabilities. You can find out more about our products by calling 01623 513355 and speaking to a member of our team.


Vehicle Security Barriers

Vehicle security barriers are an essential part of perimeter protection infrastructure. They serve an important purpose by limiting vehicular access and only allowing authorised visitors to enter the site. In an age where vehicle based crimes are common it is critical to protect the inhabitants of your property, the structure and contents from thieves and criminals and even terrorists with a more devastating intent.

ConcreteBarriersHQ is the security division of Townscape Products Limtied, a renowned specialist in perimeter security and the prevention of crimes involving the use of vehicles. Our specialism dates back to the inception of our company in 1974 and we continue to be one of the leading professionals in the UK. We have a wealth of experience and a commitment to continuing the development of security devices and technologies that keep your property safe.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we specialise in all forms of vehicle security barriers, from static barriers to hydraulic blocks and bollards. We can provide the perfect security items for all types of site, regardless of the industry or sector your serve. We are the perfect consultants to handle all aspects of your security infrastructure, from system design to supply and installation of products and even education of staff and inhabitants of the property. Knowledge of security and vigilance against suspicious individuals is just as important as the physical infrastructure.

ConcreteBarriersHQ guarantees that all products will be of the highest quality. All design and manufacturing is handled by our highly trained engineers who possess the knowledge and experience to produce highly effective security systems. We manufacture products in our own dedicated UK production facility, where we monitor their quality throughout the manufacturing process. Our CT BLock system has also been tested to PAS 68 standards and certified for use.

If you are seeking vehicle security barriers or would like information about protecting your site from criminal activities please contact us. ConcreteBarriersHQ can be reached by telephone at 01623 513355 or by emailing We are happy to receive all queries and provide free guidance and advice. We can offer a fully bespoke service for you that takes into account your specific needs, budgetary restraints and location.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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  • ConcreteBarriersHQ provided a turn-key operation for us.
    Mark Bradley
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  • The CT Blocks provided perfect functionality whilst enhancing the street landscape.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided a cost effective solution, low unit cost and reduced installation costs, and reduced disruption. The ideal solution for our needs.
    Mark Bradley
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