Terrorism Security

In the last thirteen years there have been a number of vehicle-based terrorist attacks where terrorists have used heavy duty motor vehicles to run over pedestrians, attack vehicles and attack critical infrastructure, high security establishments and iconic buildings. Some examples of such brutal and malicious attacks include the Omeed Aziz Popal SUV rampage and the 2006 Jerusalem bulldozer attack.

In comparison to suicide-bomb attacks, using vehicle-based attacks is much easier for terrorists to plan and carry out, especially without detection. Vehicle-based attacks also have the advantage of not needing to acquire explosives; instead the weapon is a street-legal vehicle which is made readily available in any country, and can be purchased and used without raising any suspicions. In a report constructed by Stratfor Global Intelligence, they established that using a vehicle as a tactic for terrorism is almost as effective as a suicide-bomb attack, yet not as destructive.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we are determined to fight the battle against terrorism. We have created state of art terrorism security to provide perimeter protection against the threat of Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs), and the products are some of the most innovative products in today's modern market. VBIEDs are devices that use vehicles as the package or container for the device. The IEDs come in a considerable number of shapes, colours and sizes, and they vary depending on the type of vehicle used - larger vehicles allow a much larger explosive device to be used, which results in a catastrophic affect on the explosive's target.

The threat of terrorism has impacted a considerable number of businesses, which have begun to worry about being the target of such brutal attacks. With vehicle-based attacks becoming an increasing worry it is extremely important that measures are put in place to protect your business property, your employees, your associates and yourself.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we have been established since 1974, which means we have been in existence during the terrorist attacks of the Twin Towers in the USA and the London underground bombings, and we know on both a professional and personal level how terrorism has impacted and affected the world. With increasing threats of terrorism apparent across the globe, we have developed our products to coincide with such threats, to decipher these threats, and to ensure the world is as safe as possible.

The problem with trying to eradicate the threat of terrorist attacks is the fact that it is extremely difficult to predict when and where they will happen. We believe the best way to prevent such catastrophic incidents is by restricting access to properties, and to closely monitor vehicles close to the property. Our innovative terrorism security products can work with security systems such as traffic calming methods, vehicle identification systems, CCTV and safety inductive loop systems and even traffic lights to create the ultimate barrier against terrorism threats.

Our wide range of terrorism security products include barriers, bollards and blockers which are manufactured in-house, in our first class and state of art production facility. The products are made to the highest standards and they are manufactured using strong, durable products which are built with longevity in mind. The products are simple and easy to install, and our innovative CT Block has also been tested to match PAS 68 standards, which ensures that it is guaranteed to prevent vehicle based incidents.

We are a business devoted to helping reduce the threat of terrorism substantially, and we will not stop until we succeed. Our professional staff are extremely experienced and highly skilled, and they use extensive research and development methods to create cutting-edge products which are at the forefront of security products globally. We believe that it is extremely beneficial for your employees to understand the security measures you have put in place. It is important to educate your staff about how you have improved the security of your property, and we can provide you with informative facts regarding our products may you require it.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, or if you would like further information relating to terrorism security, please feel free to contact our dedicated team at any time. We can be reached by phone on: 01623 513355, or via email at: jess.fergusson@townscape-products.co.uk and we are more than happy to assist with all requests.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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