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Forced vehicular entry into restricted areas of business properties has become a growing concern world-wide, and it is now used in criminal activities more and more frequently, ranging from vandalism attacks all the way through to terrorist attacks. Thankfully at ConcreteBarriersHQ we specialise in dealing with hostile vehicle mitigation, and we have created a wide range of ingenious products which are purposely designed to deny entry to even the most robust of vehicles.

The main method of preventing such attacks is by using security road blockers to create a vehicle exclusion zone around the entire building, and the road blockers will form a basis for significantly reducing the risk of damage to your property or injuries to employees and associates. The blockers can also be used in conjunction with traffic calming methods and vehicle identification systems, which are also useful methods for identifying high-risk vehicles.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we are dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing high quality security road blockers. The blockers are purposely designed to provide perimeter protection against Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attacks, whilst also providing a security measure against possible trespassers to your property.

Security is a fundamental aspect of business, and it is pivotal that safety protection systems and products are put in place to help protect your property, your employees, your visitors and your associates. To ensure your property is fully protected you must limit access to only those individuals who are associated with your company and your company's proceedings. Limiting access to employees and associates is a simple process but it will often not possess the power to protect your business and associates against vehicle attacks, which is why we have created cutting-edge road blockers which can withstand such intrusions.

Our innovative security road blocker, the CT Block, is the ideal security measure for restricting unwanted site access. It has been designed to withstand strong impact forces, such as the impact of large heavy duty vehicles, and it is manufactured using strong, durable materials which will allow the blocker to withstand even the most inclement and horrendous weather conditions.

The security road blockers have been designed with longevity in mind and they will require minimal maintenance. They have been independently and structurally evaluated by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), and they have has also been physically tested during a number of full scale crash tests, which were conducted in accordance with PAS 68 Classifications. The blockers are highly dependable security products which can easily interface with a wide collection of security systems and control equipment. They can work collectively with CCTV systems, safety inductive loop systems and traffic lights, and they will enable your entire security system to be as effective as possible.

The road blockers are designed, developed and manufactured by professional engineers experienced in the fields of both access control and high security; which should provide you with peace of mind regarding the safety of your property, customers and your employees. They are also assembled in state of art facilities using high quality natural materials, which gives the product its strength and durability, enabling the CT blocker to be the perfect product for protecting important high security establishments, critical infrastructure and iconic buildings.

A major advantage of our innovative CT Block blocker is the nature of the product's installation. Unlike many other perimeter security products, the CT blocker does not require major groundworks or digging which can be time-consuming, costly and a major disruption to your every day working life. The CT Block can be simply recessed into the surrounding concrete, paved area or tarmac to a depth of just 100mm, which also allows the blocker to be repositioned in a simple and effective manner if required.

The blocks can be used for many functions and they are not solely a security solution - they can also be used as an imaginative landscaping feature. They can be adapted to coincide with the outside aesthetics of your property, and we will work closely with all of our clients to ensure our product is aesthetically pleasing. We have previously created security road blockers which have been used as promotional tools and seating for small public plazas, which means we can be creative and inventive with our products.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we are dedicated to providing our customers with a first class service, and we are more than happy to provide our potential clients with advice and guidance regarding our security road blockers and perimeter security products, completely free of charge. If you would like further information about our wide range of security products, or if you have any questions for our dedicated team please call us today on: 01623 513 355 or alternatively please send an email to: and we will be happy to discuss our products with you in more detail.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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  • The CT Blocks provided perfect functionality whilst enhancing the street landscape.
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  • The CT Blocks provided a cost effective solution, low unit cost and reduced installation costs, and reduced disruption. The ideal solution for our needs.
    Mark Bradley
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