Ram Raid Protection

Ram raiding is a criminal technique that involves using a vehicle to force entry into premises, normally with the intention of stealing goods. The technique has been used since the 1930s, becoming increasing popular following a series of raids in Belfast in 1979. As vehicular technology improves, leading to the creation of heavier, faster and more durable vehicles, the need for huge improvements in property security also increased. There is now a great deal of different products available to protect your property from the intentions of criminals, ranging from bollards and barriers to sophisticated multi-faceted systems.

Many types of property are at risk of ram raids with common focus on those that hold high value merchandise such as jewellers and technology superstores. Most products stolen from these types of premises by ram raiders are sold on the black market, costing the company a loss in business alongside the original loss of products. The level of protection you need depends on your location, access points and the layout of the property. As each property differs in these regards it is important to get a bespoke system to suit your situation.

Effectively protecting a property from ram raids is difficult and requires a survey of your site to highlight areas of vulnerability and determine which systems you need in place. Concrete Barriers HQ specialises in preventing all types of vehicle based criminal activities and has served the UK market for over 40 years. We accomplish a high level of protection for each client by designing and manufacturing our own range of high quality security devices such as bollards, blockers, railings and barriers. Our skills and technical expertise can help you to secure your site from all forms of vehicle based incidents.

The best way to combat ram raiding and reduce the risks to your property is to limit access and control the flow of traffic where possible. Freely letting vehicles move around your site unencumbered gives criminals opportunities to forcefully enter your building. With access controls and vehicle checks you can prevent unidentified vehicles from getting close to the property, vastly reducing their chances to commit a crime.

Access controls come in many shapes and forms, including manned, static and electronic barriers. Manned barriers ensure you have a human element in your security system but can also leave you at risk of errors. It can also be costly to hire full time staff to man the equipment. Static barriers are the most easy to manage as they require zero maintenance and once in place offer great protection. The only issue with most of these products is that they are rigid, heavy and difficult to reposition if the need arises. Electronic systems are beneficial but can come with huge maintenance bills to ensure they function properly.

At Concrete Barriers HQ we can help you decide which combination of devices is best for you, creating a unique security layout to suit the intricacies of your site. Our experience ensures that all systems we create offer the right type of protection, giving you the peace of mind that you can negate any and all ram raid attacks. Our ability to provide bespoke solutions for even the most challenging conditions makes us a great company to work with.

Once we have drawn up your security plan we will consult with you so you understand exactly what we are offering. Alongside the system we also help you to create action plans to help you in case an incident does occur. Being prepared will minimise the risk and potential losses you face as well as going a long way towards keeping inhabitants of the property safe. Technical support is also available if you need assistance putting traffic calming measures and other plans in place.

With Concrete Barriers HQ you are guaranteed the best ram raid protection devices on the market. Many of our devices are accredited to PAS 68 standards, meaning they have undergone extensive testing and successfully gained certification. They are designed to repel all attempts at forced entry to the site, with considerations made for all types of vehicle, speeds and angles of attack. We are technical experts and enjoy working in close cooperation with clients to deliver a great service each time.

As an honest and transparent company we provide competitive priced products and support services that will provide you with long term security benefits. All products are designed to be highly durable and easy to install. Our products are also versatile and can be repositioned if the layout of your site changes.

If you have any worries about the security of your site we can help. Please telephone 01623-513355 to learn more about ram raid protection and arrange a survey of your premises.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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