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Perimeter Security

Protect the perimeter of your property

The simplest advice for protecting the perimeter of your property is to make sure the boundary between public and private areas of the property is secure and clearly signed. Investing in good quality access controls, such as magnetic swipe cards and proximity cards can reduce the risk of unwelcome intruders within your premises. However, these measures will not stop, nor deter, those individuals or groups whose sole intention is to cause maximum damage and inflict high levels of human casualties.

In short, if your property attracts large numbers of visitors or congregations of staff then you must consider a perimeter protection system designed to stop and immobilise vehicles driven with the intent of gaining access close enough to detonate explosives.

This type of attack is called Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) and is typical in terrorist plans to cause maximum collateral damage. For hostile vehicle mitigation of this nature you will need a PAS68 approved perimeter protection system which has been tested and approved by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

Hostile vehicle mitigation in perimeter security

Remember, first and foremost, VBIEDs are extremely destructive but it's not just the direct effect of a blast that can be lethal; the falling and flying debris, including building materials, bricks, glass and metal, can cause just as much damage, injury and fatalities.
Therefore, the most effective and safe perimeter protection systems are utilised at a distance around a property where, even if a bomb were detonated, there is a safe distance between the building and the seat of the explosion. It is crucial to stop hostile vehicles entering a zone around your property.

The CT Block by Townscape is a PAS68 tested and approved perimeter security system, proven to immobilise a 7.5tonne truck being driven at both 30mph and 40mph. The truck is written off and the barrier system will not allow follow up vehicles to pass.

Tips for perimeter protection

• Once you have installed a hostile vehicle mitigation system, tested to PAS68 standard, your local Police Counter Terrorism Security Adviser (CTSA) can advise you on further measures, such as electronic surveillance including automatic number plate recognition and protection from flying building material debris

• Train your staff to identify hostile vehicles and to receive and act upon bomb threats. Make sure key information and telephone numbers are readily available

• Consider the requirements of safety and planning regulation against your chosen hostile vehicle mitigation perimeter protection system. For example, in the case of a fire drill, would your staff be able to escape from their assembly point if your perimeter protection system was fenced? This is another benefit of The CT Block which allows for pedestrian access and escape whilst maintaining a vehicle free safety zone.


All types of buildings are at risk of vehicle based criminal activities such as vandalism, burglary or more aggressive terrorist attacks. Protecting inhabitants of your property, whether they are employees or guests, and the building itself should be high on the agenda of all property owners and operators. Knowledge of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) and installation of sound perimeter security systems are two important procedures that help reduce the risk to your property.

ConcreteBarriersHQ is the security division of Townscape Products, one of the UK's premier specialists in the fields of HVM and perimeter security. We develop safety products which prevent vehicular access and blast damage, creating a safe vehicle exclusion area around your property. When designing a suitable perimeter for a property we work in close partnership with clients to understand their unique requirements in terms of the site, risk and access. This cooperation means we can assess any areas of concern and create a detailed perimeter plan that keeps your site secure.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we have been involved in the design and manufacturing of perimeter security products since the mid 1970s. Our product range is large and varied including security barriers, bollards and the specially designed CT Block. These products are perfect for improving the security of your property and preventing access by unknown or malicious vehicles.

One of the most important aspects of perimeter systems is the ability to manage vehicle access and keep away from important areas of the site, especially pedestrian areas. Our products allow you to control the areas vehicles have access to and dictate the flow of traffic. Our security products have been tested to PAS 68 standards and perform well against all attempts to gain unauthorised access. Each product is checked for quality before dispatch and has been specifically designed with longevity in mind.

At ConcreteBarriersHQ we are renowned for our expertise and ability to create bespoke perimeters for all types of properties. Our products can be seen in a huge number of locations around the UK including Heathrow and Gatwick airports. You can learn more about what we have to offer by emailing, or call 01623-513355.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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