Perimeter protection syste,

Perimeter Protection Systems

Having made the decision to install a hostile vehicle mitigation system to eliminate the risk of vehicle borne terrorist or criminal attack in the public realm of your property, it is important to undertake a holistic approach to improve security overall.

By holistic, we mean understanding the types of potential attack, where these could happen, around any specific times, dates or events, and how your hostile vehicle mitigation system interacts with other forms of perimeter security, including the landscape surrounding your asset.

The CPNI recommends a layered approach to perimeter protection, which incorporates access control and vehicle management on a 'district' level, i.e. considering the design of approach routes towards your asset and how security can be increased without negative impact on the access of legitimate vehicles; vehicle management and stand-off distances within the local site area of the asset, and finally, security around the immediate threshold vicinity of the asset.

Vehicle Security Barriers

In our experience, security professionals choose to install CT Block at this critical threshold location, as the final barrier to unwanted vehicle incursion. It is important that legitimate vehicles, such as deliveries, staff and visitors, can be checked by vehicle security barriers and electronic gate systems without undue disruption to your everyday activities. This visual deterrent will reduce the risk of hostile vehicle incursion; however, they won't eliminate a determined and planned attack.

The only perimeter protection system which will immobilise a vehicle intent on causing maximum damage within the threshold vicinity is a PAS 68 Standard approved design. These systems are tested to withstand a determined attack by laden vehicles of different sizes and weights, travelling at various speeds. CT Block, for example, has been tested to immobilise a 7.5 tonne truck travelling directly towards it at speeds of up to 40mph, incapacitating the vehicle and also withstanding follow-up attack.

For more information on positioning and installation of perimeter protection systems, call Jonathan Goss or Jess Fergusson on 01623 513355.

Perimeter Security

ConcreteBarriersHQ specialises in the creation of anti-terrorist perimeter security products, specifically in the field of hostile vehicle mitigation and vehicle delivered explosive devices. We are the dedicated security division of Townscape Products Limited and have specialised in our field since 1974, becoming one of the most experienced and renowned experts in this important sector. We design and implement secure perimeter protection procedures and infrastructures for clients in the private and public sectors.

Terrorist activity has been a prevalent threat in the UK for many years. It has never been more important to protect the inhabitants of your property and the structure itself from the continued threat that terrorist activities present. ConcreteBarriersHQ provides not only the perfect bespoke perimeter protection systems but also helps to educate building providers and staff about how to prevent an incident or react if one occurs.

Preventing attacks can be difficult but an important preventative measure is to restrict the vehicles that have access to the immediate vicinity of your property, including loading docks and parking structures. Hostile vehicle mitigation is important because it prevents vehicle driven devices from getting close enough to a property to cause damage and harm occupants. ConcreteBarriersHQ provides perimeter protection products that can form an integrated and impenetrable system.

The first stage in our process of improving the security of your site is to examine areas of vulnerability and the best positioning of our products, whether it is bollards, railings, barriers or blockers. We work closely with clients to ensure they are fully aware of the risks they face and how our perimeter products improve their protection. Once the design is complete we will supply products and happily provide installation if required. All products are designed to be simple to install and provide long term protection against criminal activities.

All of our perimeter protection items have been certified in line with PAS 68 and tested to ensure they prevent all varieties of entry attempts. If you are worried about the security of your site why not give us a call at 01623-513355. We will happily discuss your worries and provide a tailor made solution for you.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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