Event Perimeter Security

Concrete Barriers HQ is proud to offer UK event organisers the country’s first deployable VAW solution. Our new VAW range (Vehicle as a Weapon) incorporates temporary security barriers that are ideal for safeguarding pop-up events such as festivals, fairs, fetes, concerts and carnivals.

Concrete Barriers HQ is pleased to announce that it's event perimeter security solutions are available to purchase through Townscape or alternatively to hire for the duration of the event from our hire partner sentryblockhire.co.uk.

Given the worrying increase in the use of vehicles by terrorists to attack crowds, it is becoming ever more essential to boost security at events with temporary perimeter security solutions that fortify the perimeter.

The advantage of a temporary solution to organisers is that the products come with an advisory service to guide you through the specific needs of your event, the system can be delivered at late notice and one of our representatives will oversee the whole process until the product is removed – leaving you free to concentrate on putting on a good show.

This service is ideal for protecting music festivals, food festivals and indeed craft ale festivals against the treat of vehicle borne terrorism.

 CT Sentry Blocks

Designed and purpose built to protect people attending events, the CT Sentry Block from Concrete Barriers HQ is a temporary deployable version of the highly successful PAS 68 rated Townscape counter terror block.

The 2.2 tonne counter terror blocks are daisy chained together with 1200mm crossing points between blocks. Pedestrian ramps allow people attending events to move freely between blocks thanks to a pedestrian crossing plate. The system can also incorporate secure vehicular access points as required.

The system has been designed to be quickly deployable for semi-permanent counter terror security or temporary public events held in crowded locations.

The standard finish of the blocks is in high visibility yellow and black hazard banding with subtler colour and bespoke branding covers available on request.

Block dimensions: 1490mm (wide) x 990mm (deep) x 600mm (high)

CT Sentry

Installation - deployment is quick an easy with minimum disruption using a 5 tonne rated telehandler or fork truck. Lift points are fully incorporated into the block design. Deployment time is around 25m of perimeter security per hour. The system is flexible enough to accommodate variations to street level, road cambers, slopes and uneven terrain. It enables kerb to road transition and is fully customisable to available street or road widths.

 CT Sentry Vehicle Access Barrier

Designed to provide visible vehicle access restriction, this Double Entry Swing Arm Gate is an excellent way to ensure access to the event space can only be gained by vehicles with security clearance.

This enables your event to be re-supplied with equipment, food and drink.

The CT Sentry Vehicle Access Barrier is a four meter wide access point for authorised vehicle access.


Concrete planters for temporary perimeter security

When it comes to security for events, the mind often turns to very obvious, visible security that acts as a bold deterrent, however sometimes it is possible to make a strong case for less confronting counter terror protection.

In the case of village fetes for example, concrete planters are perfect for providing temporary security. Once their job is completed, they can even potentially be moved to a more permanent position in the village after the event where they then serve a very productive long term role in brightening up the village and improving its appearance with some greenery and colour.

Concrete planters make a strong barrier to speeding vehicles and are a formidable aid in the battle against terrorism. They could also be used to protect smaller local outdoor music events, food or ale festivals and even locally organised jubilee celebrations.

For more information on the concrete planters we offer, please visit our sister website Townscape Products where several models can be bought directly.


Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

Factsheet thumbnail

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  • ConcreteBarriersHQ provided a turn-key operation for us.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided perfect functionality whilst enhancing the street landscape.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided a cost effective solution, low unit cost and reduced installation costs, and reduced disruption. The ideal solution for our needs.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group