Pas 68 Bollards

Being both a physical obstacle and a visual deterrent – bollards are a well-known, time-tested way of separating people and traffic and preventing vehicle incursion.

However in times when terrorists are increasingly using vehicles and trucks to attack crowds – additional security is needed.

This is why Concrete Barriers HQ, the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation division of Townscape Products, has created a range of PAS 68 rated counter-terror bollards.

 All of our approved passive bollards are manufactured from the highest-quality raw materials and engineered for optimum performance at our UK factory.

Our models

  • CT Bollard - is a high security bollard designed to mitigate a vehicle attack at up to 50mph. The bollard has been successfully tested and approved for PAS 68 compliance. The normal spacing for bollards will be 1200mm. A reinforced foundation design will be required for this product.

  • Diamond - finished with a modern and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel sheath, this CT bollard is the ultimate way to provide PAS 68 security in a modern urbanised environment. While sleek, this bollard can stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at up to 50mph with devastating effect.

  • Gunwharf - this model is essentially a CT Bollard that has been finished with an attractive looking Performa-cast polymer sleeve that gives it an understated traditional look. The Gunwharf offers specifiers exactly the same performance credentials as the CT bollard.

  • Senator - this powerful and sturdy looking CT bollard model is finished with a Performa-cast Polymer PAS 68 Bollard Sleeve that can be painted in a standard range colour. For added visibility and to minimise the risk of accidental collision, it comes with a recessed Class 2 reflective ban

  • Statesman - offered with dual band reflective strips to provide maximum visibility, this model with a simple circular Performa-cast polymer sleeve strikes the perfect balance between visible deterrent and subtlety. Based on the CT bollard, it carries full PAS 68 approval.