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Concrete Barriers

Barriers have been put in place since the dawn of civilisation. From farmers using stacked stones to protect property and stock, to engineering masterpieces such as the monumental and majestic Great Wall of China built to protect an entire civilisation. Barriers have also protected people and marked the boundaries of where people can and can't go. Ditches, moats, tree line and hedgerows have been used for many centuries to distinguish boundaries, but in the modern age many of these methods are not fully up to the task, and physical security professionals create innovative products to protect and distinguish boundaries.

For many years the security barrier has been seen as unsightly, rather inconvenient and somewhat crude. Due to such factors its use has often been limited, especially due to its poor aesthetic properties. Now, thankfully, the concrete barrier has been rediscovered and redesigned as a primary multi-purpose tool in any security toolbox, and it is now widely used for a variety of purposes; most notably for access and perimeter control, for protection against vehicle-borne threats and for traffic management.

The term 'aesthetically pleasing concrete barrier security products' is not a term that is often used. Security is rarely associated with aesthetically pleasing qualities, butthis has all changed. At ConcreteBarriersHQ we manufacture high-quality concrete barriers using strong, durable materials which are fit-for-purpose but also boast strong visual qualities.

The barriers' main purpose is to protect buildings, structures and people from unprovoked vehicle attacks, but they also lend themselves to imaginative landscaping ideas such as providing timber seating to create a public plaza, and bespoke applications can be added to the barrier to work partially as a marketing tool. Today, many businesses, organisations and engineers factor security into the landscaping and construction of a manufacturing facility, public venue or office. Landscaping channels allow travel to flow through designated areas of approach, car parks are set away from buildings, and shrubbery and berms are positioned in a way which will absorb blast overpressure. These initiatives surely prove that concrete barriers can be engineered to not only provide a security solution, but to also be aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete barriers play an extremely effective role in perimeter protection. They create the ability to develop vehicle exclusion zones around a property, and they can also be used to protect important areas of a building such as car parks and utilities alongside access roads. Limiting access to a building makes the building much more secure, even against substantial attempts to force entry using a heavy duty vehicle.

Concrete barriers are an excellent alternative to electronic options as they are much more cost effective, simple to install and easy to maintain. Longevity is also a key factor as concrete barriers will often last longer than electronic barriers and they can also withstand all types of weather conditions. They require minimal or zero maintenance and human operation is not needed which means errors, accidental damage, and operating cost are eradicated.

Over the years the development of new and innovative materials and technologies has lead to modernised designs and substantially improved capabilities. Military installations now use such barriers to prevent vehicles from parking too close to buildings or important structures, and they also prevent vehicles from accessing vulnerable areas. Using analysis, selection, installation and finally employment of a concrete barrier is critical to its overall success, which is why our team at ConcreteBarriersHQ are fully qualified, experienced and dedicated to the security sector. They know all there is to know about security solutions and they will provide businesses with a first class service from the analysis of a building right up to the installation and employment.

We have worked closely with a vast number of businesses across many cities in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and we take a professional approach with every project we work on, no matter how large or how small the project may be. We are 100% dedicated to providing first rate security solutions for our clients, and we will use our devotion and our commitment to the security sector to provide a first rate service. We understand the importance of security measures, which is why we use extensive research and development methods to create security solutions which are always at the forefront of security products. Our product range continues to expand and we will forever provide our customers with the most innovative products possible.

If you require further information about our concrete barriers or product range, or if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch today on: 01623 513 355 and our professional team will be on hand to assist you. Our lines are open Mon-Fri between 9am and 5pm.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

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