Colmore Food Festival

Location: Victoria Square, Birmingham

Background: The Colmore Food Festival is a two-day annual event in its fourth year, which offers a chance for hospitality venues in the district to showcase their best dishes and culinary skills.  The event is free to attend and is held at Victoria Square in Birmingham each year. With the number of vehicle-borne terrorist attacks on the rise, events like this are particularly vulnerable. Townscape was approached to provide temporary perimeter security for the event, which could be deconstructed once the festival was over. 

Project details: After carrying out a full survey of the surrounding area, Townscape identified potential weak points on the perimeter of Victoria square. 15 deployable CT Sentry blocks were fitted in various locations around the perimeter and surrounding roads in order to prevent access from any hostile vehicle.

The 2.2 tonne CT Sentry blocks can be fitted on both flat surfaces or stepped level ground.

The CT Sentry blocks were hired by Eventmen, which was approached by the organisers of the festival.

Result: Unlike our other CT block, the CT sentry blocks are not made for subtlety. The standard finish of the blocks is high visibility yellow and black hazard, which is designed to be as much of a deterrent as it is a barricade.

The blocks were a huge success and organisers of the event were impressed by the ability to have the highly-robust products installed at short notice.

Lucy Elvin, project co-ordinator at Colmore Food festival said:

‘We’re very pleased that Townscape and Eventmen stepped in very late in the day to provide security to the event, and we are more than happy with the results’.