Building Security Systems

Protecting a building against vehicular incursion can be challenging, especially if there is intent behind the attack. Townscape Products is committed to designing effective building security systems that can withstand even the most malicious attempts to gain entry. Our product range includes security bollards, railings and perimeter products. All items are designed with durability in mind and tested to ensure they accurately improve security and prevent vehicular based incidents.

With our help and expertise you can design building security systems that protect your property and pedestrians from harm. One of the best cornerstones of security systems is preventative barriers. Operable barriers can be effective but are susceptible to human error and forced entry. We provide a far more efficient static option in the shape of our CT Block system. These are reinforced natural stone aggregate barriers that can be positioned in your chosen location to prohibit all vehicular entry.

CT Block has been developed by experts who understand the intricacies of perimeter security and modern demands on these systems. Limiting access is a primary concern of most businesses and public buildings. CT Blocks are effective in limiting access and are versatile in terms of positioning. They are quick and simple to install, only requiring a shallow foundation. This ease of positioning also makes it possible for you to relocate them if required.

CT Block from ConcreteBarriersHQ is so effective they are used on a number of important sites including transport links, utility infrastructures and banks. An important factor to consider regarding building security is the cost of the system. Electronic systems can be more expensive, less reliable and require much more maintenance. CT Block on the other hand is a cost effective solution that provides long term results. They are incredibly durable and require no additional costs once installed.

We will happily work with clients to help them design the perfect building security to suit their needs. If you have any questions please call 01623 513 355. Customer service staff will be happy to offer free advice so you can improve the security of your property.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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  • ConcreteBarriersHQ provided a turn-key operation for us.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided perfect functionality whilst enhancing the street landscape.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided a cost effective solution, low unit cost and reduced installation costs, and reduced disruption. The ideal solution for our needs.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group