Many properties, from transport hubs to high profile businesses, tourist attractions and financial institutions, face uncertainty in terms of the actions of criminals and terrorists. It can be incredibly challenging to ensure all inhabitants of the property and surrounding site are kept safe and protected against these potentially violent incidents. Each property will have a unique layout and floor plan, ensuring they require a similarly unique protective infrastructure to ensure all elements of risk are taken into account. Designing your own system can be challenging but with help from the professionals at Concrete Barriers HQ you can guarantee appropriate protection is in place.

At Concrete Barriers HQ we can call on over forty years of experience in the security industry to help give you the right service. Over the years we have remained at the head of our industry by continuing to develop incredibly affective security devices, whilst adjusting products alongside changes in criminal behaviour. We can now boast a broad range of different tools as well as a wealth of knowledge and technical know-how to rival any other company in the industry. Working with us it is easy to see our commitment to ensuring everybody on your site is kept safe and protected against any potential criminal or terrorist events.

Our experience has shown that the best security infrastructures take a holistic approach to safety, employing an array of devices and products to create an impenetrable shield. Each system should be incorporated into a single, effective network as this will reduce the risk of any errors or vulnerabilities. You need to try and use a combination of active and passive systems as relying too heavily on one or the other will present problems. Active systems are subject to human error and require a great deal of monitoring and maintenance. Passive on the other hand require zero but are immobile meaning they can only be used in certain places. To get the right mix you need to conduct an assessment of your site and requirements.

When conducting a site survey there are several things you need to take into account. Always start by considering how best to protect the immediate property and people leaving or entering. Next you need to take into account the safety of access roads and any exterior structures including car parks and loading bays. It is also important to ensure you have a facility in place to check vehicles as they arrive to ensure they are safe to enter the site. A final thing to take into account is the potential for your needs to change in the future. Ensure you get devices that can easily be repositioned or reorganised is important.

Once you have completed the survey you are ready to design a unique system for your property. At Concrete Barriers HQ we can assist you with both the survey and design of your security, as well as supplying and installing all of the necessary products. The best security systems are unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of your property. We can offer both active and passive products to satisfy any need, including barriers, bollards, railings and our innovation the CT Block. Each product we offer is quality checked and guaranteed to offer the right level of protection.

The CT Block has become one of our most popular barriers because it creates an insurmountable obstacle against criminals and terrorists, even preventing those individuals seeking to forcefully use a vehicle in their activities. It has been thoroughly tested and can successfully repel heavy vehicles travelling at 30mph and 40mph, making it next to impossible to circumvent by force. With added aesthetic benefits and the ability to incorporate seating or advertising into the blocks it is amongst the best products on the market.

When you work with us we offer you the benefit of our extensive expertise and ensure your security system stays up to date and capable of negating all risks. A dedicated technician can come out and visit your site if you need any advice or technical assistance and answer any queries you may have about the threats you may face.

With Concrete Barriers HQ you can feel safe in the knowledge you have done everything you can to protect the inhabitants of your property. If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with us or want to enquire further about any of our products you can do so by contacting us. We recommend calling 01623 513 355 and speaking to a member of our team but you can also email us directly at We welcome all queries and look forward to helping you offer a safe and secure environment.

Free Perimeter Protection fact sheet

Don’t specify vehicle barriers until you’ve read our free hostile vehicle mitigation factsheet available to download here:

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  • ConcreteBarriersHQ provided a turn-key operation for us.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided perfect functionality whilst enhancing the street landscape.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group
  • The CT Blocks provided a cost effective solution, low unit cost and reduced installation costs, and reduced disruption. The ideal solution for our needs.
    Mark Bradley
    Programme Manager Manchester Airport Group